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New Prescription Drug Books in
“The Educated Patient” series
Offer Vital Consumer Information Regarding

Accidental Overdose and Addiction Prevention

Hundreds of top selling drugs are listed, along with telltale signs, symptoms, and FDA warnings to help ensure the safety of patients, children, and friends.


(Los Angeles, CA, USA) – June 2011 – Three recently published books containing vital information about prescription drug safety are now available and ready for download at most major e-Book outlets including,, Barnes and Noble, the Apple Store and Sony’s e-Book store as well as 

These books contain information that could potentially save lives of those taking prescription medications. Addictive Prescription Drugs, Vital information for Every Patient, Friend and Caregiver and Prescription Drug Overdose Signs and Symptoms”each contain more than 100 pages of valuable content written in easy-to-understand plain English. They cover hundreds of the most popular prescription drugs now available across the USA. The third book, Insomnia Drugs: Warnings You Can't Afford to Ignore provides information on these dangerous and often abused drugs. 

With the number and variety of drugs being prescribed these days it is extremely important to be aware of potential side effects as well as overdose symptoms. Certain substances, including the full spectrum of psychiatric drugs, can be especially risky because the individual who is taking them may be unaware of the profound changes that the drugs are causing in their physical state, personality, or behavior. There are also many addictive prescription drugs – especially pain killers, sedatives, and stimulants – and every patient, parent, friend, or caregiver should know their withdrawal symptoms and any special warnings associated with these powerful medicines.

Many teens, for example, abuse prescription drugs because they mistakenly think they are safer or less addictive than street drugs. According to the Drug Abuse Warning Network there was an 80 percent increase in prescription drug abuse across the USA within the past decade, and prescription drugs are commonly abused more than cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. With emergency visits and deaths connected with prescription drugs on the rise it essential that parents of teens and those around patients taking medications stay fully informed. 

Contributing to this growing epidemic of prescription drug related deaths is the lack of informed consent based on real and comprehensible information given to patients at the time a drug is prescribed.   

Most doctors do not spend the time explaining the potential side effects to their patients and will even, at times, downplay the risks especially if they have not observed those side effects in their own patients.    

Patients and caregivers need access to clear, understandable and accurate information regarding prescription drugs and the potential problems involved with their use. 

"The Educated Patient" series of books is being written to fill this need.

As author Meridith Berk, the writer of these new publications, explains, “With mood and behavior drugs the withdrawal symptoms can sometimes trick a person into thinking that they need to take more doses to keep from feeling bad. But that just compounds the problem and the potential for addiction. Many prescription drugs are just as addictive as or more addictive than any street drug.”

Meridith Berk – whose new booklets are available for only $3.99 each at Barnes and Noble, the Apple Store, Sony Reader,, and now on – specializes in writing about prescription drugs. Earlier this year she launched a revolutionary iPhone app named Drug Alert. The smart phone application instantly generates current data on more than 1,600 drugs – including easy-to-read and understand menu displays of side effects, overdose symptoms, and the latest official FDA Drug Safety Alerts.
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New iPhone App

Delivers Drug Side Effects and Direct

FDA Alert Info to iPhones and iTouch


Side effect and overdose symptom information plus FDA alerts for more than 1600 drugs are instantly provided in user-friendly plain English.


(Los Angeles, CA, USA) – March 6, 2010 – Now those who depend upon pharmaceuticals can also rely on their Apple iPhones to keep them updated with official FDA alerts and other potentially life-saving information, thanks to a revolutionary new application. The new application, named Drug Alert, generates current data from the FDA including easy-to-read and understand menu displays of side effects, overdose symptoms, and the latest FDA Drug Safety Alerts.


The application also delivers Adverse Event Reports, which are FDA findings based on undesirable effects experienced by patients. Drug Alert presents a summary of Adverse Event Reports for any selected drug, based on the most recent year of available reports. Users of the application can even file their own Adverse Event Report with the FDA, directly from their iPhone, at the touch of a button.


This can be done anonymously, if the user prefers, or submitted on behalf of a friend or family member without ever revealing the patient’s name. To initiate the reporting process and potentially save other innocent consumers from suffering their own unwanted and potentially dangerous drug reactions, the iPhone user simply hits the “Call FDA” button at the bottom of the application screen.


Another convenient feature included in Drug Alert is notification of FDA Drug Safety Alerts that are issued to inform consumers of drug safety issues. These can also be viewed on the FDA website, directly from the application, by using any viable Internet connection.


Direct smart phone communication with the FDA is an extraordinary benefit, especially when it can be done in a simplified language with an intuitive tool that requires absolutely no technical training or medical know-how. But the new Drug Alert application was intentionally designed and formatted to present critical information in a way that any layperson can understand, and the entire program is geared toward the average consumer. Look up side effects, find out if reactions to medicines are considered normal or unusual, or get in touch with the FDA automatically to report suspicious symptoms.


Of course the application is not a diagnostic tool or a substitute for physician supervision and care, but is focused instead on giving consumers legitimate and important educational information. Drug Alert covers more than 1600 different prescription drugs so that users can detect side effects and identify potential overdose symptoms before they get out of control. That makes this remarkable technology an essential must-have tool for every prescription drug consumer.


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