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Antidepressants * Anti-Anxiety Medications * Antipsychotics
Mood and Behavior Pharmaceuticals

The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed depression, anxiety, mood and behavior related drugs.  We've included the brand name, generic name, the general category of the drug such as antidepressant or stimulant. 

A "BB" in the row next to the drug signifies it has an FDA Black Box which is the most extreme warning given to a drug by the FDA.  Click on "BB" to see the warning for that drug (this section is in many drugs, so little time).

The AE in the row next to the drug name is a link to the Adverse Events reported to the FDA's Medwatch Program for that drug.  Here we give the top adverse events connected with that drug.

(Note: At the bottom of the Brand name section we have included an alphabetical section for easily locating the drug by its generic name.)


Brand Name Generic (Chemical) Name BB AE General Category
Abilify aripiprazole BB AE antipsychotic
Adapin doxepin (oral) BB AE antidepressant
Adderall amphetamine / dextroamphetamine BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Adderall XR amphetamine / dextroamphetamine BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Ambien zolpidem   AE sleeping aid
Ambien CR zolpidem tartrate   AE sleeping aid
Anafranil clomipramine BB AE antidepressant
Aplenzin bupropion BB AE antidepressant
Aricept donepezil   AE dementia related to Alzheimer's
Artane trihexyphenidyl   AE symptoms of Parkinson's
Asendin amoxapine


AE antidepressant
Atarax hydroxyzine hcl   AE anti-anxiety / antihistamine / sedative
Ativan lorazepam   AE anti-anxiety
Aventyl nortriptyline


AE antidepressant
Budeprion SR bupropion


AE antidepressant
Budeprion XL bupropion BB AE antidepressant
Buspar buspirone   AE anti-anxiety
Butisol Sodium butabarbital   AE sleeping aid / anti-anxiety
Carbatrol carbamazepine BB AE sedative-hypnotic
Celexa citalopram BB AE antidepressant
Chantix varenicline BB AE smoking cessation aids
Clopine clozapine BB AE antipsychotic
Clozaril clozapine BB AE antipsychotic
Compazine prochlorperazine BB AE antipsychotic
Compro prochlorperazine


AE antipsychotic
Concerta methylphenidate BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Cymbalta duloxetine HCL BB AE antidepressant
Dalmane flurazepam hydrochloride   AE sleeping aid
Depacon valproate BB AE anticonvulsant
Depakene valproic acid BB AE anticonvulsant
Depakote divalproex BB AE anticonvulsant
Depakote ER divalproex BB AE anticonvulsant
Deprilept maprotiline BB AE antidepressant
Desyrel trazodone BB AE antidepressant
Dexedrine dextroamphetamine BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Dilantin phenytoin   AE anticonvulsant
Diskets Tablet methadone BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
Dolophine methadone BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
Dolophine Hydrochloride methadone hydrochloride BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
Doral quazepam   AE sleeping aid / benzodiazepines
Dumyrox fluvoxamine BB AE antidepressant
Effexor venlafaxine BB AE antidepressant
Effexor XR venlafaxine BB AE antidepressant
Elavil amitriptyline BB AE antidepressant
Eldepryl selegiline BB AE antidepressant / Parkinson's
Emsam selegiline BB AE antidepressant
Endep amitriptyline BB AE antidepressant
Eskalith lithium BB AE depression / manic depression
Etrafon perphenazine / amitriptypine BB AE antidepressant
Exelon rivastigmine   AE dementia related to Alzheimer's
Fanapt iloperidone BB AE antipsychotic
FazaClo clozapine BB AE antipsychotic
Focalin XR dexmethylphenidate BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Geodon Oral ziprasidone BB AE antipsychotic
Halcion triazolam   AE sleeping aid
Haldol haloperidol BB AE antipsychotic
Haldol Decanoate haloperidol BB AE antipsychotic
Invega paliperidone BB AE antipsychotic
Intuniv     AE  
Keppra levetiracetam   AE anticonvulsant
Klonopin clonazepam   AE anti-anxiety / anti-panic / anti-seizure
Lamictal lamotrigine BB AE anticonvulsant
Lexapro escitalopram BB AE antidepressant
Librium chlordiazepoxide   AE anti-anxiety
Limbitrol desipramine HCI BB AE antidepressant
Lithane lithium BB AE depression / manic depression
Lithobid lithium BB AE depression / manic depression
Lithonate lithium BB AE depression / manic depression
Loxitane loxapine BB AE antipsychotic
Ludiomil maprotiline BB AE antidepressant
Lunesta eszopiclone   AE sleeping aid
Luvox fluvoxamine BB AE antidepressant
Luvox CR fluvoxamine BB AE antidepressant
Lyrica pregabalin   AE anticonvulsant / also used for nerve pain
Marplan isocarboxazid BB AE antidepressants
Mellaril thioridazine BB AE antipsychotic
Moban molindone BB AE antipsychotic
Nardil phenelzine BB AE antidepressant
Navane thiothixene BB AE antipsychotic
Nefada nefazodone BB AE antidepressants
Neurontin gabapentin   AE anticonvulsant / pain medication
Norpramin desipramine BB AE antidepressant
Oleptro trazodone hydrochloride BB AE antidepressant
Orap pimozide BB AE antipsychotic
Ormazine chlorpromazine BB AE antipsychotic
Oxilapine loxapine BB AE antipsychotic
Pamelor nortriptyline BB AE antidepressant
Parnate tranylcypromine BB AE antidepressant
Paxil paroxetine BB AE antidepressant
Paxil CR paroxetine BB AE antidepressant
Paxipam halazepam   AE anit-anxiety - not sold in US
Permitil fluphenazine BB AE antipsychotic
Pertofrane desipramine BB AE antidepressant
Pexeva paroxetine mesylate BB AE antidepressant / anti-anxiety
Placidyl ethchlorvynol BB AE sleeping aid
Pristiq devenlafaxine BB AE antidepressant
Prolixin fluphenazine BB AE antipsychotic
Promacot promethazine BB AE sedative
Prosom estazolam BB AE sleeping aid
Provigil modafinil   AE wakefulness promoting agent
Prozac fluoxetine BB AE antidepressant
Psymion maprotiline BB AE antidepressant
Relpax eletriptan   AE lessen pain of migraine headaches
Remeron mirtazapine BB AE antidepressant
Restoril temazepam   AE sleeping aid
Risperdal risperidone BB AE antipsychotic
Risperdol Consta risperidone BB AE antipsychotic
Ritalin methylphenidate BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Ritalin SR methylphenidate extended release BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Rozerem ramelteon   AE Sleeping aid
Saphris asenapine BB AE antipsychotic
Sarafem fluoxetine BB AE antidepressant / OCD / PMS
Savella milnacipran BB AE antidepressant
Seconal secobarbital   AE barbiturate
Selfemra fluoxetine BB AE antidepressant
Serenace haloperidol BB AE antipsychotic
Serentil mesoridazine BB AE antipsychotic
Seroquel quetiapine fumarate BB AE antipsychotic
Serzone nefazodone BB AE antidepressant
Sinequan doxepin (oral) BB AE antidepressant
Skelaxin metaxalone   AE pain reliever / muscle relaxant
Sonata zaleplon   AE sleeping aid
Stelazine trifluoperazine BB AE antipsychotic
Strattera atomoxetine BB AE for ADHD - Called a SNRI
Suboxone buprenorphine / naloxone   AE treat opioid dependance
Surmontil trimpramine BB AE antidepressant
Symbyax prozac / zyprexa BB AE antipsychotic
Tegretol carbamazepine BB AE anticonvulsant
Tenex guanfacine   AE for ADHD and high blood pressure
Thorazine chlorpromazine BB AE antipsychotic
Tofranil imipramine BB AE antidepressant
Tofranil-PM imipramine pamoate BB AE antidepressant
Topamax topiramate   AE anticonvulsant
Transamine Sulphante tranylcypromine BB AE antidepressant
Tranxene clorazepate   AE anti-anxiety
Triavil perphenazine / amitriptyline BB AE antidepressant and tranquilizer
Trilafon perphenazine BB AE antipsychotic
Trileptal oxcarbazepine   AE anticonvulsant
Valium diazepam   AE anti-anxiety
Vanatrip amitriptyline BB AE antidepressant
Vistaril hydroxyzine pamoate   AE anti-anxiety / allergies
Vivactil protriptyline BB AE antidepressant
Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine BB AE central nervous system stimulant
Wellbutrin bupropion BB AE antidepressant
Wellbutrin XL bupropion extended release BB AE antidepressant
Xanax alprazolam   AE anti-anxiety
Zoloft setraline BB AE antidepressant
Zyban bupropion HCI BB AE antidepressant / smoking cessation
Zydis olanzapine BB AE antipsychotic
Zyprexa olanzapine BB AE antipsychotic


Generic Name (Ingredient) Brand Name BB   General Category
alprazolam Xanax   AE anti-anxiety
amitriptyline Elavil, Endep, Vanatrip BB AE antidepressant
amoxapine Asendin BB AE antidepressant
amphetamine / dextroamphetamine Adderall, Adderall XR BB AE central nervous system stimulant
aripiprazole Abilify BB AE antipsychotic
asenapine Saphris BB AE antipsychotic
atomoxetine Strattera BB AE ADHD
buprenorphine / naloxone Suboxone   AE treat opioid dependancy
bupropion Aplenzine BB AE antidepressant
bupropion Budeprion SR, Budeprion XL BB AE antidepressant
bupropion Wellbutrin BB AE antidepressant
bupropion extended release Wellbutrin XL BB AE antidepressant
bupropion HCI Zyban BB AE antidepressant
buspirone Buspar   AE anti-anxiety
butabarbital Butisol Sodium   AE sleeping aid / anti-anxiety
carbamazepine Tegretol BB AE anticonvulsant/ bipolar / depression, etc.
chlordiazepoxide Librium   AE anti-anxiety / panic
chlorpromazine Ormazine, Thorazine BB AE antipsychotic
citalopram Celexa BB AE antidepressant
clomipramine Anafranil BB AE antidepressant
clonazepam Klonopin   AE anti-anxiety / panic
clorazepate Tranxene   AE anti-anxiety
clozapine Clopine, Clozaril, FazaClo BB AE antipsychotic
desipramine Norpramin, Pertofrane BB AE antidepressant
desipramine HCI Limbitrol BB AE antidepressant
devenlafaxine Pristiq BB AE antidepressant
dexmethylphenidate Focalin XR BB AE central nervous system stimulant
dextroamphetamine Dexedrine BB AE antidepressant
diazepam Valium   AE anti-anxiety
divalproex Depakote, Depakote ER BB AE anticonvulsant
denepezil Aricept   AE dementia related to Alzheimer's
doxepin (oral) Adapin, Sinequan BB AE antidepressant
duloxetine HCL Cymbalta BB AE antidepressant
eletriptan Relpax   AE lessen pain of migraine headaches
escitalopram Lexapro BB AE antidepressant
estazolam Prosom BB AE sleeping aid
eszopiclone Lunesta   AE sleeping aid
ethchlorvynol Placudyl BB AE sleeping aid
fluoxetine Prozac BB AE antidepressant
fluoxetine Selfemra BB AE antidepressant / anxiety / PMS / Panic
fluoxetine HCI Sarafem BB AE antidepressant / OCD / PMS
fluphenazine Permitil, Prolixin BB AE antipsychotic
flurazepam hydrochloride Dalmane   AE sleeping aid
fluvoxamine Dumyrox, Luvox, Luvox CR BB AE antidepressant
gabapentin Neurontin   AE anticonvulsant
guanfacine Tenex   AE high blood pressure / ADHD
halazepam Paxipam   AE Not in U.S. - anti-anxiety
haloperidol Haldol, Haldol Decanoate BB AE antipsychotic
haloperidol Serenace BB AE antipsychotic
hydroxyzine hcl Atarax   AE anti-anxiety / antihistamine / sedative
hydroxyzine pamoate Vistaril   AE anti-anxiety / allergies
iloperidone Fanapt BB AE antipsychotic
imipramine Tofranil BB AE antidepressant
imipramine pamoate Tofranil-PM BB AE antidepressant
isocarboxazid Marplan BB AE antidepressant
lamotrigine Lamictal BB AE anticonvulsant
levetiracetam Keppra   AE anticonvulsant
lisdexamphetamine Vyvanse BB AE central nervous system stimulant
lithium Eskalith, Lithane BB AE manic depression
lithium Lithobid, Lithonate BB AE manic depression
lorazepam Ativan   AE anti-anxiety
loxapine Loxitane, Oxilapine BB AE antipsychotic
maprotiline Deprilept, Ludiomil, Psymion BB AE antidepressant
mesoridazine Serentil BB AE antipsychotic
metaxalone Skelaxin   AE pain reliever / muscle relaxant
methadone Diskets Tablts BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
methadone Dolophine BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
methadone hydrochloride Dolophine Hydrochloride BB AE pain reliever / opiate (narcotic) analgesic
methylphenidate Concerta, Ritalin BB AE central nervous system stimulant
methylphenidate extended release Ritalin SR BB AE central nervous system stimulant
milnacipran Savella BB AE antidepressant / fibromyalgia
mirtazapine Remeron BB AE antidepressant
modafinil Provigil   AE wakefulness promoting agent
molindone Moban


AE antipsychotic
nefazodone Nefada, Serzone BB   AE antidepressant
nortriptyline Aventyl, Pamelor BB AE antidepressant
olanzapine Zydis BB AE antipsychotic
olanzapine Zyprexa BB AE antipsychotic
oxcarbazepine Trileptal   AE anticonvulsant
paliperidone Invega BB AE antipsychotic
paroxetine Paxil, Paxil CR BB AE antidepressant
paroxetine mesylate Pexeva BB AE antidepressant / anti-anxiety
pentobarbital and carbromal Carbrital BB AE sedative-hypnotic
perphenazine Trilafon BB AE antipsychotic
perphenazine / amitriptyline Etrafon BB AE antipsychotic / antidepressant
perphenazine / amitriptyline Triavil BB AE antipsychotic/antidepressant/anti-anxiety
phenelzine Nardil BB AE antidepressant
phenobarbital phenobarbital   AE sedative / anti-anxiety
phenytoin Dilantin   AE anticonvulsant
pimozide Orap BB AE antipsychotic
pregabalin Lyrica   AE anticonvulsant
prochlorperazine Compazine, Compro BB AE antispychotic
promethazine Promacot BB AE sedative
protriptyline Vivactil BB AE antidepressant
fluoxetine and olanzepine Symbyax BB AE antidepressant / antipsychotic
quazepam Doral   AE sleeping aid
quetiapine fumarate Seroquel BB AE antipsychotic
ramelteon Rozerem   AE sleeping aid
risperidone Risperdal, Risperdol Consta BB AE antipsychotic
rivastigmine Exelon   AE for dementia
secobarbital Seconal   AE barbiturate
selegiline Eldepryl, Emsam BB AE Parkinson's / antidepressant
setraline Zoloft BB AE antidepressant
temazepam Restoril   AE sleeping aid
thioridazine Mellaril BB AE antipsychotic
thiothixene Navane BB AE antipsychotic
topimarate Topamax   AE anticonvulsant
tranylcypromine Parnate BB AE antidepressant
tranylcypromine Transamine Sulphate BB AE antidepressant
trazodone Desyrel BB AE antidepressant
trazodone hydrochloride Oleptro BB AE antidepressant
triazolam Halcion   AE sleeping aid
trifluoperazine Stelazine BB AE antipsychotic
trihexyphenidyl Artane   AE used to count antipsychotics
trimpramine Surmontil BB AE antidepressant
valproate Depacon BB AE anticonvulsant
valproic acid Depakene BB AE anticonvulsant
varenicline Chantix BB AE smoking cessation aid
venlafaxine Effexor, Effexor XR BB AE antidepressant
zaleplon Sonata   AE sleeping aid
ziprasidone Geodon Oral


AE antipsychotic
zolpidem Ambien   AE sleeping aid
zolpidem tartrate Ambien CR   AE sleeping aid



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