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Why did I Take Lunesta?


Overdose Signs and Symptoms
Compiled and Written in Plain English
by Meridith Berk

Includes over one hundred pages of vital information
about the top prescribed prescription drugs.

Addictive Prescription Drugs
and their Withdrawal Symptoms

Compiled and Written in Plain English
by Meridith Berk

This booklet includes over one hundred pages of
information you need to know about addictive
prescription drugs.


What others are saying about these booklets

I down loaded both of these. They are excellent. I like your introduction. I especially found the one on addictive drugs very informative, even after all the research I've done. My immediate reaction after reading about 6 or so of the drugs was, Wow!! Serious bad meds! It makes me want to wear a special medical bracelet that says DON't give me any painkillers or sedatives etc.
Since I've taken care of my mom in the hospital I think having booklets like these could help a lot of people. I love how simple the explanations are.

Susan R.

I think you have done a great service with your books.  How are you getting the word out?  The cautions you give are so important - particularly with this aging population where we are given more and more medicinal options for our "health".

Kyczy H.




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